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Sisal Soap Bags

Sisal Soap Bags

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Made with 100% natural fibres. Biodegradable. Eco-friendly. Increases foaming of soaps. Gently exfoliates

Simply place your bar of natural soap in the bag and pull the drawstring closed. Wet the bag and it will lather up as you use it. The textured surface means that more foam is produced. Use in the shower or bath to cleanse and exfoliate. After use, hang up the bag with the soap still in it and allow to dry between uses. Helps keep bathroom tidy with no slippery soap left anywhere. Also great for when soap bars are getting small and unusable, meaning less waste.

We’ve been testing these out over the past few weeks with our natural soaps and we love them so much, we want to sell them as an accompanying product to our soaps!