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Shaving Soap Bars | Plastic-free Solid Natural Shaving Soaps

Shaving Soap Bars | Plastic-free Solid Natural Shaving Soaps

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Product Description

Jungle Culture’s range of natural solid shaving soap bars are handmade by artisan soap makers in Vietnam. Our shaving cream bars combine locally-sourced, organic coconut oil with high-quality essential oils to create a luxurious shaving bar that is kind to your skin and kind to the planet!

Our traditional shaving soaps are cold pressed and long-lasting. Each vegan friendly shaving bar will last from 6-12 months, depending on how often you shave.

Aloe Vera & Cooling Mint Shave Bar
Our plastic-free solid shaving soap combines cooling mint extract with soothing aloe vera to create an uplifting and revitalising shaving experience for men and women.

Charcoal & Cracked Black Pepper Shaving Soap
Our organic charcoal and cracked black pepper shaving bar combines rich, moisturising charcoal with invigorating black pepper to cleanse and exfoliate your skin whilst shaving. The Infused zesty notes in this shaving soap are sure to put a spring in your step!

Plastic-Free Shaving Soap Bars

How To Lather Up Shaving Soap.
Lathering up Jungle Culture zero waste shaving soap bars is easy! We have designed our shaving soaps to not require a shaving brush, so simply wet your solid shaving soap bar with warm water and rub in a circular motion on the area which you intend to shave or a wash cloth!
What's the difference between shaving soap and shaving foam / shaving gel?
Conventional shaving foams and gels already contain water which helps them to lather up when rubbed. Shaving soap bars contain a much lower water content, meaning that you can mix in the amount of water that you need and your shaving soap will last for longer!

The other benefit of course is that Jungle Culture's plastic-free shaving soap is eco-friendly and apart from the sodium hydroxide, it's completely organic!
How long does shaving soap last?
Our 100g zero waste shaving soap bar lasts from 6 months to 1 year depending on the frequency of your shaving routine. To increase the lifespan of your shaving cream bar, use a suitable soap dish and don't let your shaving soap sit in a pool of water.
Are Jungle Culture shaving soap bars 100% organic?
Jungle Culture shaving soap bars use only natural ingredients, locally-sourced in Vietnam. The only exception is sodium hydroxide which is a component of every soap and a vital requirement in producing a high-quality shaving soap bar.
Can I lather a shaving some without a brush?
Absolutely! Jungle Culture's sustainable shaving soap bars have been designed to lather up without the need for a shaving brush. Simply wet your eco-friendly shaving soap bar and rub in a circular motion on the area which you intend to shave!