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Reed Diffuser English Pear + Freesia

Reed Diffuser English Pear + Freesia

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Experience the eco-friendly upgrade of our reed diffusers at Earth Candle Co. Say goodbye to small, unsustainable bottles and tricky plastic plugs. Our signature amber glass, made with recyclable material, comes with a sleek label crafted from waste paper. Even the bottle lid is made from easily accessible and recyclable aluminium. Plus, for every reed diffuser sold, we pledge to plant a tree in the Amazon Rainforest.

Not only will your home be filled with a delightful fragrance, but you can also take pride in the positive impact you're making. We've tested the diffusers extensively to provide the perfect balance of strength and subtlety, making them an excellent choice to eliminate unwanted odours in your living space, whether from pets, bathrooms, or even "sweaty boys." Choose Earth Candle Co for a sustainable and aromatic home