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Coconut Mini Scrub Brush By LoofCo

Coconut Mini Scrub Brush By LoofCo

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Product Description

A mini scrubbing brush that is completely plastic free and biodegradable.

It is a perfect vegan and zero waste alternative to a plastic and synthetic brushes.

⦁ Natural & Biodegradable⦁ Vegan
⦁ Makes use of coconut coir
⦁ Sustainable & eco-friendly

Plastic Free


This is a mini version scrub brush, approx 6cm

Please note sizes may vary slightly because it is 100% natural.

The LoofCo scrub brush is made using coconut coir, this is a fibrous materials found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a matured coconut. Coconut coir is extremely useful for cleaning products due to it’s antibacterial properties. LoofCo use coconut coir and husks that are waste products from food and oil production, which normally would be burned and wasted.

Being 100% natural the brush is non toxic and completely biodegradable meaning you can clean your pans with complete confidence that no microplastics or chemicals are being released down the drain.
The brush is held together by rust proof galvanised iron which is full recyclable.

LoofCo use ethical, fair trade business practices and sustainable sources to produce their cleaning accessories. This company values workers rights who support and gives work to local villagers in rural areas.

These biodegradable scrub brushes are such a simple way to reduce plastic and waste in your kitchen! I love mentioning these to friends because they work even better than plastic brushes and they are so much kinder on the environment.




The packaging of Loofco products is made from card and is recyclable.

There is a small clear sticker holding the packaging together, this is biodegradable and made from cellulose.

Our natural LoofCo scrub brush will last you ages but when the time finally comes to replace you can separate the coir from the wire. Put the brush in the compost and the iron wire in your metal recycling.


Make sure to rinse and shake out any food particles, then hang to dry using the metal loop.

Occasionally soak in hot water with natural dish soap (you can use your soapnut liquid detergent for this) and air dry.


Coconut Coir

Stainless Steel

Ethically and sustainably made in Sri Lanka