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Bamboo Suction Bowl & Spoon Set

Bamboo Suction Bowl & Spoon Set

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Suction that actually sucks!

Maybe you’ve seen these whilst scrolling insta or in a magazine, bamboo tablewear for your kids is not just about looking pretty it’s about caring for your environment from one generation to the next.

All eco rascals bamboo is sourced from a FSC certified supplier, 100% natural.

Did you know bamboo is THE fastest growing grass in the world, taking just 3-5 years to reach full maturity eco rascals use bamboo from a larger woody varieties than pandas eat who can scoff anywhere between 26-84 pounds everyday! 

Sold as a set with a matching silicone and bamboo spoon which is super soft on gums and very easy to hold.

eco rascals silicon spoon feeders are attached with a T bar bamboo connection to prevent the use of glue. This means the spoon feeder is detachable from the handle to allow for thorough cleaning.

Please don’t put bamboo in the dishwasher it can crack and we love these to last for years to come.