Urban dictionary definition of Wish Cycling - tossing questionable items into the recycling bin, in the hope they will be recycled. Pink backgound

The truth about Wish Cycling

What is WishCycling?

Why on earth would I be asking you to use your black bin rather than recycle? 

Ever heard of wish cycling, well that is when we use our recycling bin for those items that we are not quite sure about but think well I’ll pop it in the recycling just in case, passing the issue of sorting and separating onto our council.

That soft plastic can ruin a picker's day at the recycling centre, it can get caught on the machinery whilst larger items slow down workers who have to then remove the items by hand, (these wish-cycled items then get put into landfill anyway) all this can result in contamination of the end product making it harder to be processed and possibly rejected by manufacturers causing more landfill than necessary.

Part of our problem is that recycling varies from county to county with some areas accepting items like black plastic and textiles that others just do not. You can find out exactly what North Somerset accepts by taking a look at their website or checking out their Facebook page for up-to-date information on all things recycling and waste!

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