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Unkle Funka

Unkle Funka

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If fruity, funky coffees are your bag, this one is for you.

Funka celebrates diversity. We’ve taken that to the extreme with five coffees from five origins, blended into one epic espresso.

Different bean densities and sugar content of each coffee mean Funka must be carefully roasted to balance all five coffees. Kudos to the Extract roastery team for pulling this off. The result is funky and fabulous both with milk and without. A boozy hit of strawberry creams and whiskey cranachan and the sparkling acidity of lime soda and gooseberries.

Five beans. One Funky coffee.

Like five rhythmic instruments blending into one epic funky track, this year’s coffee is five soulful coffees, perfectly balanced.

Honduras, Carlos Meija, Natural Process
First up is Carlos Ernesto Meija Rodriguez, a second-generation coffee grower from Finca El Chollo in San Pedro de Tutle, Honduras.

India, Gems of Araku, Natural Process
Next up is this juicy natural-process coffee from SAMTFMACS cooperative (Small and Marginal Tribal Farmers Mutually Aided Cooperative Society) in the Araku Valley, famous in India for its coffee plantations.

Papua New Guinea, Grass Roots, Natural Process
We love the rich fruit notes this natural-process coffee from Grass Roots in Papua New Guinea brings to our Funka blend. Owner, Paul Pora is a skilled agronomist and an expert in coffee research and agriculture.

Kenya, AA Blue Mountain, Washed Process
This high grown fully washed Kenyan AA Blue Mountain coffee from Jowam Coffee Traders in Nairobi is grown in iron-rich volcanic soils. Its sparkling acidity is typical of coffees from this area and brings Funka its lighter, fruit notes.

Ethiopia, Worka Wuri, Washed Process
Grown some 1900-2100 metres above sea level in the dizzying altitudes of Gedeb, Yirgacheffe, this incredible coffee is grown by smallholders who harvest ripe cherries then send these to the Worka Wuri mill for processing.