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Notorious Nooch

Notorious Nooch

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Notorious Nooch
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Product Description

We love to recreate the food we had growing up. Looking for vegan alternatives, we used Nutritional Yeast ('Nooch') in our home-cooking to replicate the flavour of cheese, but it never had the same kick we really craved - until now.


We love nooch, no really, we LOVE nooch.

We began wondering why the nooch landscape was so barren, and generic.

So we began experimenting with flavouring nooch in our studio. Our first experiments with garlic powder and off-the-shelf seasonings were not cutting the mustard (we didn’t try mustard). Then we discovered a top yeasty secret. You can flavour nooch with nooch!

We take nooch, toast it until the flavour profiles develop and then add it back into normal nooch. Voila, nooch flavoured nooch.

The rest is history, well its not because its still happening. Just buy it ok? Then we can retire in our nooch mansions driving Nooch-mobiles, please?